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Pooler Air Conditioning & Heating Articles

Check out the most recent heating and air conditioning articles from Rick's HVAC for advice and tips on air conditioning energy savings, finding the right Pooler heating contractor, and more.

3 Reasons To Get Your Heating Tune Up Before Winter

With fall officially upon us, and winter closing in quickly, the time to get a tune up for your home's heating system is now. While you are enjoying the milder temperatures, it is important not to forget that your heating system is getting ready to run a marathon over the next couple months, so it pays to make sure that your heating system is prepared for the work it's going to have to do in the very near future.... Read More

5 Ways To Keep Cool & Save Money On Energy Costs in Pooler, GA

We may not have heat during the summer that reaches much above 90 degrees, but it can sure feel like it does with all our humidity. There's nothing worse than to worry about air conditioning bills and know you'll have to cut back on being comfortable in order to save. As an experienced Pooler air conditioning maintenance company, we know you may need a little advice... Read More

Common Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Terms & Definitions

In the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning industry, the abbreviation HVAC is often used. HVACR stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration. You can find these terms to describe the industry professionals and the systems they work on. Masters in the HVAC industry like ours here at Rick's HVAC have the responsibility to correctly design the equipment types, layout, and duct work and ensure the installation is done right. We are often asked about terms that are common... Read More

Pooler Air Conditioning Replacement or Just Repairs?

There comes a point in time where you'll have a repair an air conditioning system down the line from when you purchased it or you bought a home with a newly installed system. As the cooling equipment ages, repairs begin to become more common at some point i time. You may be in that situation now, wondering if you should continue to repair the unit... Read More

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